Agile Consultancy

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you didn't know how to apply training knowledge in your organization? Did you come across a problem that your training did not address? Maybe you run an important project or programme for your organisation and lack experience that would allow you to make effective and conscious decisions?

Since 2013, our experts, in addition to providing training, have been working with our clients on a daily basis to help them implement agile approaches in projects, programs as well as entire organizations. They solve problems, optimize processes, advise, support the development of key roles and whole teams. They create strategies and assist in their implementation, support the definition of objectives and advise on tools to measure their achievement. They share their experience gained over the years in organizations from many industries, organizational cultures, countries.

Implementation of SAFe®/Agile

How to implement SAFe®/Agile in your organization?

Agile transformations are complex processes that require an understanding of how your business works, what is the genesis of the idea / need to implement a change, what goals you set yourself and what you expect. The implementation of a scaled agile approach is never the same... there are good practices, methodologies and tools, but in order to succeed it must be adapted to each organization individually. By acting together, we will identify areas for improvement, identify areas where we can launch the first pilot projects - this knowledge and insights help us to appoint individuals to the key roles, who will be leaders of agile transformation in your organization. We will present the consistent approach in the form of a strategy that will guide us to the goal. We will support you during the implementation phase through training and workshops, coaching and mentoring, we will provide you with the necessary knowledge and tools to further improve the functioning of your organization on your own.

ART launch

How to launch the first ART (Agile Release Train)?

We start our cooperation with joint workshops, where we discuss and define the goals we want to achieve together. We analyze the possibilities of your company, the scale, the area in which it operates, then based on the results of the workshop, we develop a roadmap, as a plan to achieve your goals. We recommend training dedicated to key roles (Leading SAFe, SAFe Scrum Master, SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager) as well as to entire teams (SAFe for Teams). We are preparing RTE and Scrum Masters to launch the first PI Planning. We work with Product Managers and Product Owners.

During PI Planning our experts are the "shadow" of your RTE coordinating the planning process, supporting it, suggesting ways to solve problems, providing useful tools. Knowledge gained in a real, not a simulated environment is invaluable! Our support and the experience in implementing SAFe in companies around the world, will allow you to avoid many mistakes, but most importantly, to understand that you are acting consciously and correctly.

AGILE trainings

Dedicated agile workshops and trainings

What to do when you think you know SAFe, you’ve already started the first ARTs, but you notice that your teams still have problems with defining goals? You don’t know how to ensure effective team collaboration, where some members work locally and some remotely? Or maybe your problem is related to other areas, like requirements definition and decomposition, estimation, cooperation between ARTs, risk management? 

Let’s meet! Let’s talk about it, let us understand what you’re up to. Let’s talk to the people who are directly affected. Together we will define a goal you want to achieve, prepare a dedicated training or workshop to equip your employees with competences that will help them solve their problems, complete the missing knowledge, provide new skills and experience.  

Agile consultancy

Increasing efficiency and optimizing work

Coaching for key players

Every company wants their ART (Agile Release Train) to run efficiently, arrive on time and deliver expected value to the next “station”. Many elements contribute to that. One of them are the leaders … the drivers of our “train” or those who support our “driver”. Their effectiveness depends on their experience, knowledge and motivation. Our trainers often support individuals – those who play key roles in their organisations, thus providing them with knowledge, experience, changing their way of thinking and perceiving the organisation, people and activities that surround them. And all this in order to increase effectiveness and optimize work!

Support for HR recruitment process

Do you want to hire Agile Coach, Scrum Master, RTE, Product Owner? Did you find on a list of competences and skills that are necessary for this position? You got dozens of answers, but you don’t know who to choose to provide real value to your organization?

Unfortunately… knowing Scrum, Kanban, User Stories or Planning Poker is not enough. Personality – that is what counts in agile! We can help your HR department in the recruitment process, where we will evaluate not only hard but also soft skills. We will prepare scenarios of simulated situations in order to examine how a person would behave and actions take… We will recommend the best candidates for key roles in your organization.

Body-leasing or how to hire an agile expert?

Are you are involved in a project or program and you are short of qualified, experienced Scrum Masters or Agile Coaches? Don’t you  want a new employee on a permanent basis?

Let’s talk!
The agile world is known for its wide and open community where people are willing to share their knowledge and experience. Being part of it, we have a wide network of contacts to experts who work with us on projects and programs. They can help you too!

How do we work?

We are open to various forms of cooperation. Most often we provide our services in the form of consulting packages (a specific number of hours/days/months) or in the model of monthly subscriptions (a specific "number" of services on a scale of e.g. a month). Do you have another idea for the cooperation model? Share it with us.