Outsourcing of SCRUM Masters and Agile Coaches

Do you want to hire Agile Coach, Scrum Master, RTE, Product Owner? Did you find on a list of competences and skills that are necessary for this position? You got dozens of answers, but you don’t know who to choose to provide real value to your organization?

Unfortunately… knowing Scrum, Kanban, User Stories or Planning Poker is not enough. Personality – that is what counts in agile! We can help your HR department in the recruitment process, where we will evaluate not only hard but also soft skills. We will prepare scenarios of simulated situations in order to examine how a person would behave and actions take… We will recommend the best candidates for key roles in your organization.

Are you are involved in a project or program and you are short of qualified, experienced Scrum Masters or Agile Coaches? Don’t you  want a new employee on a permanent basis?

Let’s talk!
The agile world is known for its wide and open community where people are willing to share their knowledge and experience. Being part of it, we have a wide network of contacts to experts who work with us on projects and programs. They can help you too!



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