Our partners

KEGON is the SAFe first-mover in the German-speaking market. We implemented both the first ART and the first SAFe® transformation, along with having the first certified SPC, SPCT, RTE and, since 2018, the first German SAFe® Fellow. By now (beginning 2021), we have certified more than 8,500 people in SAFe®. This makes us the first point of call in Europe for both coaching and consulting agile transitions in the SAFe® context. Come and visit us at www.kegon.de/en.

In Mindstream, we conduct certified training in project and process management as management in a broad sense. We offer consultations and assistance in the implementation of the delivery. We help to improve the management process so that it is optimally implemented and maintained in the organization. Training is not the only activities we undertake. We organize Agile Corporate conference – www.agilecorporate.pl and invariably invite current and developing fans of agile management to join the event. We create business simulations with the global kings of games and simulations – GamingWorks. We implement new technological and project management solutions in our client organizations. We co-create postgraduate studies with leading universities. We offer international standards of language exams.

Cprime was formed in 2003 by a group of technology leaders in San Francisco. Since then, we have grown to become the only global strategic consulting firm that blends agile, product, and technology solutions to achieve enterprise agility. As the partner of choice for Fortune 100 companies, our mission is to enable our clients to turn ideas into action faster and transform businesses with consulting, training, development, and custom solutions that deliver lifetime value. With our key partnerships like Atlassian Platinum, AWS Advanced, GitLab, SAFe Gold SPCT, and more, our industry-leading software and services work in synergy to deliver transformations.

Soflab Technology is the market leader in testing and quality assurance of ICT solutions.

SAFe  provides quidance on how business and employees can grow and respond to change.


Enablers Sp. z o.o. Company with headquarters in Poland, Szczecin at ul. Cyfrowej 6, written in the Entrepreneur Register run by the Regional Court in Szczecin under KRS number KRS 0000872624, the Tax Identification Number (TIN): 8513254916, Regon number 387672001.