Maciej Nadolski


Since 2010, Maciej Nadolski has been helping ambitious organizations become more lean and agile. He focuses on training people and practices servant-leadership, which means that rather than having power over people, he empowers them to develop professionally and guides them towards their best performance both individually and as a team. In his work Maciej focuses on values and principles of lean and agile.

Before his trainer role, Maciej was working as an engineer and is one of a few certified Sun MySQL 5.1 Cluster Administrators in the world. He has a background in developing software for high-traffic e-commerce organizations. Thanks to this experience, he is now best equipped to bridge the gap between development and operations. 

In his work to help organizations, Maciej starts at understanding and measuring their objectives and benefits. He approaches each challenge with insight and respect towards people and aims at maximising the efficacy of their practices in the organization.