Webinar with Scaled Agile Experts – May 2021

How to break silos and deliver effectively?

In the age of ongoing digital transformation we observe many organisations struggling to keep pace with market, remain competitive and innovative. In technological industry, the team itself is the place where the value is being created and innovation happens, so let’s focus there. As experience shows, creating cross-functional teams that effectively deliver products, satisfying market and customer needs, is one of the most common challenges of modern organisations. Sharing key aspects of the scaled agile framework (SAFe), we will discuss how to organise teams around value and how these teams can effectively deliver products.

Webinar Speakers

Konrad Świstelnicki, SPC 5.0

Konrad is an Agile Coach and Trainer with hands-on experience in delivery, focusing on guiding large organisations towards improving their agility. Years of contribution in international agile transformations on the fields of telecom, banking and automotive together with dozens of delivered SAFe®️ trainings make him ready to face every challenge.
CEO and co-founder of Enablers – Scaled Agile Partner in Poland.
Areas of expertise: agile on the team, project/program and organization level, product management, agile transformation, increasing team’s productivity, agile tools in practice Agile practitioner and one of the first SAFe consultants in Poland (2014), he delivers trainings in Europe, mainly in Poland and Germany. He has trained over 1200 people. 

Dr René Hussong, SPC 5.0

René Hussong got his Ph.D. in Computer Science (M.Sc.) in 2010 from Saarland University, Saarbrücken, Germany. Following interdisciplinary research with fellowships in the US and Luxembourg, Dr. Hussong is focusing on agile software and product development since 2013. 

He held positions as Product Owner, Scrum Master and Senior Project Manager. 

Dr. Hussong is management consultant and partner at KEGON AG, certified SAFe ® program consultant (SPC) und SAFe ® Release Train engineer (RTE). In the last years, he has coached and driven agile transformations with numerous, globally acting customers in various industry sectors.